Energy efficiency measures for public, private and business buildings

16268555_sNova Quadri S.r.l., company ESCo (Energy Service Company – Energy Services Company), regularly registered under UNI CEI 11352:2014, provides energy services and measures to improve the energy efficiency of public, residential and industrial buildings, through the diagnosis, design, field interventions and post-intervention energy management.

Concrete and personalized actions to improve energy efficiency produce a fast and significant reduction in electricity purchase costs, and therefore immediate economic savings, greater competitiveness for companies and an added value of the building object of intervention thanks to the improvement of its classification energy.

The Nova Quadri S.r.l. realizes installation of essential components for consumption management, air conditioning and improvement of the health conditions of the environments, such as high efficiency heat pumps, heat exchangers, storage systems, high efficiency electric motors, systems of residential and industrial domotics, LED lighting systems, etc.

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